Christchurch Tea Towels

We, like all New Zealander’s were shocked by the events of last Friday. Initially reports were scattered and all we knew was that a gunman was active. It was only later we would learn that a coward entered a mosque full of innocent and defenceless humans and committed a horrific and despicable act.

News reports kept us all up to date and in the end it took me personally the entire weekend to process what had just happened in our country, I haven’t really felt angry, mostly just sad and somewhat guilty. Standing back and trying to figure out how someone could do this, it became quite obvious – This isn’t us, but we are partly to blame. You only have to look at all of the articles and pod casts hastily being removed from some of our “reputable” media organisations to see how guilty we are feeling.

There was an ad campaign a while back about how racist jokes lead to racist thoughts, finally to racist actions, and isn’t it true? We have these guys that have been joking a little, then a lot, and all of a sudden they aren’t jokes anymore. This disturbed individual was probably empowered and emboldened by a lot of events and prominent extremist right wing leaders but the reality is that this little country has long feared what we don’t understand, and I don’t know maybe some of it goes back to 9/11, and our culture is to joke around. But somewhere along the line, this individual has probably taken this as support and thought his actions would be more widely praised.

He thought the world was with him, but he was wrong.
What is happening around the country is amazing, we are taking time to learn, and we loving and this will go a huge ways to fixing our culture of racist jokes. And our fear of Muslims has been all but forgotten as ordinary people gather around and do what they can. We stand more united, and we are finally fixing our gun laws.

But at what cost? The human price is too high, one person losing their life would have been too many. So many families devastated.

So what can we do to help?

Do what New Zealander’s have already been doing
• Attend a Vigil
• Talk to your Muslim neighbours
• Learn from the communities gathering around
• Donate
• Be inclusive
• Never mention his name

• And we have to address the way you and I joke, and acknowledge our racist jokes are hateful jokes and have implications

What does this have to do with Tea Towels?

Good question. We have not been approached by any groups, organisations or designers to help with Fundraising.
And you know what I’ve seen the lovely tees GBB have done, but New Zealander’s are giving – Massively in all sorts of ways.

I know GBB have great hearts and are doing this for the right reasons so I don’t want to rubbish their amazing work, but we are printing company not a fundraising group like them, we are a print company and we do not want to cash in, I am always sceptical of companies doing products for these events, and while we will be donating all profits from our Christchurch Tea Towel sales, I think we have done is more important in its symbology and it is this I hope to see a lot more of.

Our Christchurch Tea Towel has been revised, it now has a mosque. Because this is part of the identity of Christchurch now. And we feel this inclusion is our way of acknowledging that Muslim’s have a home here, they are us.

We are a business at the end of the day, so by all means buy our towel (and yes we will donate all profit from it’s sales) but please if you want to help financially, just do so through the proper channels

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